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Streaming while I make the game, and Sketchfab!

Come check out my Membrane Live Stream every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8pm to 10pm EST on Twitch.  Watch me make game art, and chat with me about what I’m working on.   If you are interested in Membrane, that’s the place to be. I’ve begun uploading models to Sketchfab.  I like it!  It’s a […]

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Meet the Terrosaur

  There are two variants of this fellow, he comes in normal huge size, and baby version: smaller, cuter, and will leap at your face and bite it off. Both of them will jump up ledges to come after you.  Beware the swarm. As you can see, this particular model has a lot of squash […]

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More Decals

Captain J over at the ZDoom Forums  pointed out, among other things, that the weapons don’t leave any marks on the walls. Oops!  To remedy that, I whipped up some scorch decals. They work great!

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Recording the Surgeon

I am wrapping up the very last assets before the demo is released, some of the major ones being sound effects.   So I pulled out my TASCAM PR-10 portable sound recorder that my brother got me for Christmas (Thanks Andy!) and proceeded to record some sound effects for the Surgeon, those guys with the big […]

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Steps to the future!

Trying to get Membrane into a complete demo state has been hard with my very limited free time, and yet, I have been plugging away at it for at least a year.  It’s well past “playable prototype” stage, and so, it’s time to take the necessary steps to secure funding and finish this beast! Welcome […]

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