February 18, 2017

Streaming while I make the game, and Sketchfab!

Come check out my Membrane Live Stream every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8pm to 10pm EST on Twitch.  Watch me make game art, and chat with me about what I’m working on.   If you are interested in Membrane, that’s the place to be.

I’ve begun uploading models to Sketchfab.  I like it!  It’s a good way to show off assets until more levels are completed.


Let’s talk about workflow stuff for a bit.  My asset pipeline has evolved quite a lot in the last year.  I purchased Substance Painter  and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Makes texturing super fast.  It’s ridiculous.  Going from hand painted textures to this has been a dream come true.  I’ve also started using Blender almost exclusively as my modelling / animating package.  It was kind of a slow, weird transition from 3d studio max, but once you get it down, blender is awesome. It seems like it is loaded with little tricks, and as you learn them you get faster and faster.

Substance Painter uses “next gen” PBR workflow.  My final game textures use a baked diffuse, so it’s kind of a bonus that I get a next gen asset that I can upload to Sketchfab as well.

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