Monthly Archives: April 2016

More Decals

Captain J over at the ZDoom Forums  pointed out, among other things, that the weapons don’t leave any marks on the walls. Oops!  To remedy that, I whipped up some scorch decals. They work great!

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Recording the Surgeon

I am wrapping up the very last assets before the demo is released, some of the major ones being sound effects.   So I pulled out my TASCAM PR-10 portable sound recorder that my brother got me for Christmas (Thanks Andy!) and proceeded to record some sound effects for the Surgeon, those guys with the big […]

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Steps to the future!

Trying to get Membrane into a complete demo state has been hard with my very limited free time, and yet, I have been plugging away at it for at least a year.  It’s well past “playable prototype” stage, and so, it’s time to take the necessary steps to secure funding and finish this beast! Welcome […]

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