A retro style first person shooter.

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You awaken in a crumbling facility. A bizarre life-form covering your arms and back, it is soon clear that you are the victim of biological experimentation. To survive you must fight your way to the surface of this alien world, and find a way home!

Membrane is a retro style first person shooter that focuses on exploration and environmental puzzles. As you progress, you uncover new powers and abilities that let you reach previously inaccessible areas and take on enemies in new ways. There are no cut-scenes; the story plays out through environmental clues. In addition to a normal single player campaign, you can play in co-op mode in which the levels are slightly different and players must cooperate to proceed.

No regenerating health

Hurt? Find a health pack, or any number of other powerups.

Fast movement speed

You move fast, which means you can dodge projectiles.  And you’d better, if you want to survive.

Massive non-linear levels

Explore vast constructs on an alien planet.  It’s a good thing you have a map!

Single Player and Cooperative modes

Players must work together in co-op to win!

An arsenal of sci-fi weapons

Each weapon provides a unique tactical function.

Old school design philosophy

Differing enemy types compliment the level design.  Secret areas abound.  Find resources to survive!